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Ruby Summers "Beg Me" - UpskirtJerk

Ruby Summers "Beg Me" - UpskirtJerk
Gorgeous office babe Ruby is angling to get out of a meeting as she wants to go home early, so she asks if you will cover for her. As you've been perving up her skirt you have the perfect bargaining chip to do what she's asking return for covering for her, she has to let you have a really good look under her desk at her white lacy panties and sexy stockings...At first she is embarrassed that an older, married man is drooling over her, but as she starts to tease you she gets more confident, making you beg for her to take her panties off so you can see her TIGHT SNATCH. She knows that your DICK is rock hard and teases you with her shaved CUNT while her knickers are around her ankles. She lets you release your DICK and RUBS HER PUSSY under her desk while she instructs you to WANK She calls you a pervert and a dirty fucker while you pump your prick until you SPURT YOUR SPUNK! Ruby knows how to get what she wants, especially from a dirty old perv like you!
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