Pregnant is a category of adult videos featuring women who are pregnant. These videos may include explicit sexual scenes and fetishes that are not appropriate for viewers under 18. The performers in these movies often show their bodies with pride, as carrying a child is seen as a beautiful, natural act. They may even use the time spent pregnant to explore their sexuality in ways that wouldn’t be possible if they weren’t expecting. Pregnant videos can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages who appreciate the beauty of a pregnant body and the wonders that come with it.

Perverted Physical Exam Turns CBT Session

Perverted Physical Exam Turns CBT Session
Natasha Monroe was having a hard time getting pregnant, and she decided to call over her fertility doctor for a quick checkup. Doctor Eric Jover arrived at her house and began inspecting her body very inappropriately, using his tongue on her ass and tits! The tall and sexy Russian ballerina was highly offended, and she began busting his balls with plenty of barefoot kicks! She used her long legs to dominate and destroy his genitals, and he had no choice but to beg for her mercy! Doctor Jover tried to save his balls by offering her free medical treatment and medicine for life! She took his offer and decided to use him as a sex toy in order to get pregnant! Natasha began fucking and sucking the doctor to milk his cock and balls during some hardcore femdom sex! Finally, the pathetic doctor came inside her pussy, filling it up with plenty of healthy swimmers! Her cunt was full of hot, sticky cum, and she was very happy to be impregnated by a wealthy doctor!
9.5 + 9.5 -
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