Swallow Cum

Swallow Cum is a popular porn category featuring scenes of performers swallowing cum. These scenes typically feature blowjobs and facials ending with a performer swallowing the cum that has been ejaculated onto them. Swallow Cum videos are often very sexually graphic and can be seen as a sign of dominance, submission, or just pure pleasure.

Busty Milf Strikes A Deal - S1:E1 - Brattymilf

Busty Milf Strikes A Deal - S1:E1 - Brattymilf
Tony has come to Lexi Luna's apartment to hand her an eviction notice because she and her husband are behind on their rent. Lexi is stunned. Her husband has been telling her that he's paying the rent. When Tony confirms that there's no mistake, Lexi turns to begging for him to show some mercy. She isn't shy about using her body to try to get Tony to give them some time to figure out what's going on. Tony is obviously hesitant since his dad is the landlord, but Lexi makes her intentions clear by running her hand up his thigh and then popping her delectable tits out to knead and squeeze for Tony's benefit. Taking Tony's hand, Lexi places it on her breast as she invites him to join her in the bedroom for a bit of payment.Shedding her dress, Lexi climbs into bed and waits for Tony to take what she has on offer. She doesn't have to wait for long. Tony lets her enjoy the D with her hands and mouth, licking and sucking him down as she strokes the shaft. Lexi's sloppy blowjob is just foreplay for the real deal as she gets on her back and spreads her thigh to deliver on the promise of sexual satisfaction. Tony is thrilled to take her up on it, shoving his dick into her greedy twat balls deep and then going all out. They take turns rubbing Lexi's clit to keep her wet and eager, although Tony finds that his hands keep creeping up to indulge in the softness of Lexi's lovely boobies that jiggle with every thrust.Next, Lexi gets onto her hands and knees to offer her pussy for a doggy style pounding. Tony is happy to take what she has on offer, especially since it gives him the opportunity to grab hold of that incredible ass. He seriously cannot get enough of watching that bottom as he pounds away. Lexi is clearly into it, shaking her butt and rocking back onto Tony's hardon any time he pauses to keep both their parties going. Tony eventually gets on his back so that Lexi can take over the hard work. She impales herself on his hardon and goes for a lusty stiffie ride that leaves Tony free to continue to admire the way her booty moves. When Lexi hops off the cock and resumes sucking with the help of both hands, Tony takes the opportunity to blow his load in her mouth. Watching the bigtit milf play with his cum is just so hot that Tony agrees to always come to Lexi when there's a problem with her rent in the future.
9.5 + 9.5 -
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